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What's new...
this is where I get to blab about what I'm up to at the moment. Plus tell you about folks that I've come across on my travels that (I think) deserve a listen!

I mean...just in case you're interested.

general stuff...
And to quote...
"Quote me as saying I was misquoted." (Groucho Marx)

Wow, what a year. Nothing to report apart from the fact that Groundhog Day (as in the film plot) is real.
To be honest I always thought that life was a mash up of Groundhog Day and the matrix.

Creatively I'm personally at an all-time low. There are times when I look back on writing and playing like it's an old movie.
Is that me...wow what a jerk! The set of songs after Cheap Haircut in 2015 never got recorded due to a series of setbacks.
I did the "February Album Writing Month" in 2016 - that was fun. I've put a paragraph of James Joyce to music.
Wrote a plaything with songs for the Hammerman day. And after that everything dried up....

Over a year since the last gig. Unknown. Even if I wasn't writing there'd be some sort of gig(s) 90% of weeks.
I haven't even got one in the book to look forward to. Sheesh.

To keep on being creative there needs to be a flame inside. Some sort of drive, self-confidence, self-esteem a need to communicate.
The drive to say something, tell a story, communicate - which in turn make you feel relevant. At the moment I'm struggling to find my relevance. I think a lot of people are.

So, until we do we'll keep on keeping on letting the voice of others speak for us.

I'm keeping the creative faith and possibly one day things will pick up from where they stopped.
And if not I can spend may remaining days cataloguing and remastering a lifetime's worth of material!
No the worst thing in the world hey!

writing and recording...
There's a CD's worth of material "The Privacy of Darkness" (the follow up to Cheap Haircut) ready to be recorded...
and has been since 2016 which is really sad.

The CD called "flag" is still (unfortunately) on the back burner but I'm hoping to finish tracks and put them on Soundcloud over the summer (2014)....
Here are some of the songs that make up "Flag" (in no particular order)...

Death of an atheist,
My meteor,
Waiting for the rain,
Once I was a dreamer,
Hey little dreamer,
Dancing at arm's length,
The last party,
The silk scarf and the sofa,

Probably extra tracks will include "the girl and the double rainbow" and "delirious".
Nightfalls was on this list but got swallowed up by Occasional Moments of Clarity!

live work...
As always the jazz, jump and blues gigs are the bread and butter...or at least pay for bread and butter.
Just need a few more and I'll be able to afford jam!

Be afraid, very afraid...

As well as picking up work playing guitar, keys or vocalising (or all three) I've recently started getting booked for bass gigs!
Considering I only bought an instrument so that I could put bass on my demo recordings this is a frightening development
for any one who loves music!

Hey ho there's the one off things though - you know - sessions, backing jobs
etc etc blah blah...

Hopefully see you at a gig sometime...I'll supply earplugs to the faint hearted.

Have fun, no one else can do it for you.

You can always email me at rob@robbeckinsale.com.
If you don't get a reply please try again I get so much spam (don't we all) that I may have flushed the proverbial baby out with the bath water!!