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Cool links and stuff...

First up, probably Swindon's finest, and definitely most idiosyncratic, composer Richard Wileman. Listen to this guy's stuff, it's very different. I admire Richard immensely not least for ploughing a straight furrow, from the very first recordings with "Lives & Times" to Karda Estra's latest you can hear the thread that runs through all of his work.

So, you're in to death metal are you...you definitly won't like Mr Love and Justice then. Over the last 9 years I have lent my meager talent to live work and recording with the band. Described as 'historical, socio-political, agri-folk' which I think would probably put people off...to me it is folky Beatles/Byrds/XTC...ness. All very accessible actually...
Also, it is a strange coincidence that MLJ shared the bill at the Tolpuddle Festival with a certain Mr Bragg and soon after the same Mr Bragg released an album called (strangely) Mr Love and Justice..weird hey!

I know you could be reading this page from anywhere on the great big web but - if you ever want to do some recording, mastering etc (in Wiltshire) do check out Pete Lamb's Music Workshop. Pete has got some good gear and knows how to get great sound, but what is more important he'll get the sound you want. He is a very affable fellow and number one chap all round.

In the music business you do come across a lot of people who's ego outweighs their talent. Working with, or even having to endure, these people simply reinforces what a pleasure it is to know, and have been involved with people like Pete, Dave and Richard.

Also, I'd like to mention a person who's always been encouraging about my work. John M Peters (what is it with middle initials?)
Borderland site also introduced me to music I wouldn't have listened to.

Coming from general folky jazzy soul funk side of rock n roll I would never have thought to visit Metalliville. However, after checking out a review of a gig I did with Barry Melton at Broadwalk in Sheffield I find the site packed with interviews and reviews of all forms of rock n roll from blues to metal (and some great photographs). Glenn (the main man) seems like a genuine enthusiast and as we all know it's not the corporations that keep the music alive it's guys like Glenn! So, if you like your rock check out his site!

There are always loads of people to thank - so if you think you're one of them then "thanks" from me.