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Listen to the songs

I've got songs littered around the internet - I know, I'm just an untidy person!
I did have the facility to stream about 200 of the songs from this page but the Active X MP3 player
(supplied by Microsoft) I was using doesn't seem to work with newer versions on Exporer.
Pretty stupid if you ask me (as it's their own app)....but there again no one did ask me.

So, here are links to places where you can listen to some of the recordings I have made (on my own and with my friends)....

auralcandy SoundCloud
has the current and not so current auralcandy songs, demos and curios


my personal Soundcloud
with some 'solo' songs

and, don't forget, you can be friends with auralcandy if you are on facebook (and get first dibs at any new material).
Just type auralcandy into the search and there we'll be large as life...at least a pink tinged cartoon of us...