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Hi to all Dave fans worldwide...
A bit of background for new visitors….

You may be wondering how, and even why, a Chicago bear as famous as myself got involved with a ginger Brit guitar twanger such as Bob (oops he likes to be called Rob doesn't he - wierd)….

It's a long story that involves beer, a bar in Chicago that "bears" my name and the offer of a US (and world) tour. I don't hold it against him now that I wasn't told that the US leg of the tour involved being scrunched up in an English rucksack - they just don't have the space and amenities of the US versions. I thought he could benefit from my mentoring, the fact that he offered me chocolate had nothing to do with it….honest.

I use this page to distribute wisdom to mere human guitar players - it's not their fault that they're rubbish but some of us have it and some don't as they say!

Dave's guitar clinic...

I look forward to receiving your emails asking pertinant questions about guitar technique like "I've got a fist full of fingers where as you've just got a furry paw - how come you're better than me?"….

Recently I got quite excited as a guitar hero from my side of the pond was coming to stay at Chez Rob. I'd got my questions all sorted out and had even got the biscuit crums from off my tummy as a mark of respect. Suddenly I was whisked off and stuck on top of a wardrobe in another room...how d'ya like that. Didn't see him, didn't hear him play, didn't even get to ask him any of my questions....it's just not fair!

However, I did find this on the internet....yeah...cool!
YouTube clip

And, as always, a guitar is for life not just for Christmas..... Bye, Dave